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Preventing SQL -904 (resouces unavailable) abends

We provide 24x7 production support for a mainframe application that runs in five different geographic regions and uses DB2 tables (there are about two dozen DB2 sites). Our client wants us to prevent SQL -904 (resouces unavailable) type abends. Do we have methods to prevent such abends or is any early warning method so that we can put the jobs on hold whenever the resources become unavailable?
It is unlikely that you will be able to completely avoid resource unavailable problems. You can code around some of them perhaps, by checking for -904 in your programs and then performing an alternate code path - with, of course, no access to the resource that was unavailable.

Monitoring diligence is perhaps the best approach to avoid -904 problems. Resources can become unavailable for numerous reasons... way too numerous to enumerate in any useful way. An active performance monitor can identify availability problems and actively alert your DBAs (or perhaps an automated operator to kick off some other task). Using such an approach can help you to avoid some number of problems. Consider looking into a product like Mainview for DB2 and Mainview Automated Operator from BMC Software (of course, other vendors like Candle and Computer Associates offer similar products).

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