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Looking for DB2 support

What DB2-z/OS options do I, or more precisely management, have when considering what applications to use for the order entry and manufacturing process of a multi-billion dollar company?

The apps we have for these majors processes are running on a z800 and DB2 version 7 and have been and still are supporting the company quite nicely but management has deemed them not worthy for various reasons such as: unsupportable, to old, not Web-enabled, to expensive, in-house written or any combination of the above.

It may be too late to turn the Titanic so to speak but years, and I mean years ago, a different database and platform was chosen to replace what we have. Lots of hardware and lots and lots and lots of dollars later we still have 80% or so to go. Like I said, it may be to late but I was just wondering what ideas you might have.
Well, there are a number of third party applications available that support DB2 but I am not an expert in the options available for the particular types of applications you cite.

I think your best approach would be to work with your IBM sales person and technical support folks for guidance in the available software that meets your needs and runs on the DB2 and z/OS platform you seek to support. Indeed, IBM themselves may be able to offer application solutions for some of your needs.

You might want to browse around the IBM Web site and check out its PLM offerings.

Good luck.

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