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Keys to planning an enterprise information management (EIM) initiative

Make sure you know the key factors for an effective enterprise information management initiative. Learn the primary benefit of an EIM system and how EIM can keep information secure.

What are the key factors to consider when planning for an effective enterprise information management (EIM) initiative?
In order to plan an effective EIM program, organizations must understand the interdependency of the framework components. The components will typically fail if treated as independent (siloed) projects as opposed to a larger enterprise program initiative. Foundational framework components ( data governance/stewardship, information architecture, metadata management) should typically be focused on first, depending on a corporation's EIM maturity level, while still keeping a strategic EIM perspective going forward. Increasing the cultural awareness and understanding of data management principles through a variety of specific EIM initiatives will improve an organization's understanding of its business processes, organizational roles, data management and data ownership throughout the enterprise. This in-turn often promotes the collaboration and cooperation needed to create a single enterprise view of an organization's products and services.

The primary benefit of an EIM initiative for many organizations is the building of an efficient and agile data management organization with enhanced capabilities for information creation, capture, distribution, and consumption. EIM can provide and preserve enterprise business information in a manner that is secure, easily accessible, meaningful, accurate and timely.

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