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Is it a good idea to migrate from IMS to DB2 in a z/OS CICS environment?

Do you think it's suitable to migrate from a highly stable IMS database to a DB2 database in a z/OS CICS environment?
It depends. I would need a lot more information in order to make a recommendation to you. For example, how many IMS apps do you currently have, how many DB2 apps, do you have experienced IMS DBAs, experienced IMS DBAs, how many of each, etc. etc. You need to do a cost/benefit analysis. Start by answering the previous questions. Then read on.

If you are 100% completely satisfied with the performance, availability and maintainability of the current IMS environment then converting makes little sense. If this is the only IMS application and you have other DB2 applications, then perhaps migrating the IMS application to DB2 makes sense to save yourself the license cost of IMS (because you could get rid of IMS completely).

Of course, if you migrate the data from IMS to DB2 it will become easier to access because of the flexibility of SQL and the ability to access the data however you choose (without having to code secondary indexes or restructure the database).

Regardless, if you decide to migrate be sure to take care to design a RELATIONAL database for the new DB2 environment and re-write the application to use SQL appropriately. Do not just simply convert segments to tables and replace your IMS data read/writes with SQL read/writes. You need to re-design both the database and the application to make sure your get the best advantage of DB2 in terms of usability and performance.

Good luck!

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