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Influencing IBM about the direction of the DB2 product line

Since the 1980s we have asked for index-only tables in DB2. Not having them puts DB2 at a competitive disadvantage. How can we convince IBM to enable index-only tables?

In the last year we have clamored for BIGINT for Z/OS. How do we convince IBM to enable BIGINT for Z/OS?

Hope to get your new book soon.
The best you can do is work to clearly communicate your needs to IBM. The best way to influence IBM about the direction of the DB2 product line is to actively communicate your needs to IBM representatives. Attend the big conferences (IDUG and IBM Tech Conference) and take the time to talk to the IBM developers. I know Roger Miller is always interested in hearing about the needs of DB2 users so that the highest priority items across the entire user base are incorporated into the DB2 product. And get your requests in writing to your IBM support people.

Be sure to explain why each particular feature is important to your organization. If possible, explain why the lack of that feature is causing your business to experience availability or performance problems.

Good luck.

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