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Improving performance on a stored procedure that slowed from enqueues

A stored procedure that calls a vendor product is experiencing slow performance due to enqueues on VSAM files used by the vendor product. Increases to BUFND, BUFNI in the WLM jobs for these files had no effect. What can be done to improve performance in this situation? Thank you.
Basically, an enqueue is a lock. By taking an enqueue, the program is blocking others from accessing data while it makes changes. Your only options are to either speed up the process so that the enqueue can be removed faster or find ways to do without the enqueue.

It is almost impossible to answer this question without access to the code. Is the enqueue being taken by your stored procedure or by the vendor product? Why is the enqueue being taken? Is it being taken properly, or can you remove some of the circumstances under which the enqueue occurs?

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