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Implementing data quality software but ignoring governance policies

Is it OK to implement data quality software but ignore your data governance policies? Learn more about the relationship between data quality software and governance processes.

Is there any situation you can think of when it would be fine to implement data quality software but not work on your data governance policies or processes?

Sure. For example, when the data quality software addresses a problem where there is no way to control the creation of the data and the team tasked with implementing it is accountable for the results. There is no need for additional overhead in that case.

One such situation might involve data standardization and correction for the mailing of marketing materials. The problem may be localized to a specific division that doesn’t control the data creation process, and applying the required data quality fix is self-contained.

At any point where there is an impact on another group, or where the organization can benefit from eliminating the root cause of a data quality problem instead of simply fixing the resulting issues, you might want to reconsider your data governance policies.

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