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IMS HDAM tuning

I am an IMS DBA looking for a very detailed document on IMS HDAM tuning. I looked on the IBM Web site and there is no Redbook on the topic and the regular IMS manuals do not provide the level of detail I want.

I searched the Web in general for "IMS HDAM tuning" and found Search390.com. I found a few sites that talk about HDAM but not at a detailed enough level. I've looked for books, nothing. Do you know of a book, resource, Web site, white paper, etc. you can point me to?
Well, it can be very difficult to find good information on IMS these days. When the relational whirlwind blew through with DB2 and other SQL databases, the press just seemed to stop covering IMS. You might get lucky and be able to find an out-of-print IMS book for sale at a used bookstore or even at Amazon.com.

One book that might have some good information for you is "Diagnostic Techniques for IMS Data Bases" by Rex Hogan. The ISBN for the book is 0894351745 and it was published by Wiley-QED in 1986.

Best of luck!

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