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I get a -30090 message when the CICS application is executed

Our application is in CICS TS 1.3 in OS/390. We have defined DDF to access a DB2 UDB 7.2 Database in Windows 2000 Server from the mainframe. The connectivity is thru TCP/IP and the mainframe DB2 subsystem is version 7.

We are able to update the database from SPUFI, but the application returns -30090 when CICS Application is executed. (Select statements do not pose any problems). Is it possible to update the database from the CICS Application this way given these versions of software involved?

According to the SQLCODE -30090 that you received the IBM manual states:

REMOTE OPERATION INVALID FOR APPLICATION EXECUTION ENVIRONMENT. The message goes on further to explain that "An update operation or a dynamic commit or rollback was attempted at a server that was supporting an application that was in a read-only execution environment (IMS or CICS). System Action: The request is rejected. Programmer Response: Do not attempt to update data or issue dynamic commits or rollbacks from IMS or CICS applications that are accessing remote data."

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