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How to set up a CPU utilization system for production DB2 environment

Find out if it is possible to set up a CPU utilization system for a production DB2 environment for free and get some more suggestions in this Oracle tip.

How can I set-up a basic CPU utilization measuring/reporting system for my production DB2 environment? (It could be PC-windows based)

I want something simple and easy to use, and FREE. Can I get my hands on something already developed? Should I use SMF/RMF records as input?

Well, what you want is just about impossible to provide. Essentially the answer to this questions boils down to "cheap and useless" or "useful but with a cost."

There are a lot of performance products on the market that can help you to gain an understanding of the CPU utilization of your DB2 subsystems, but of course, the vendors who wrote those products will need to be paid for the functionality. Vendors like BMC Software, Computer Associates, Quest Software, and even IBM offer performance monitoring and tuning solutions that can help you to get the information you desire.

If you want something for free, you might be able to write a rudimentary performance tool that reads SMF records to report on CPU usage and utilization. But that means you will need to understand the layout of the DB2 trace records and spend a significant amount of time writing the code yourself.

You might try SHARE (www.share.org) to see if they have some shareware that might give you some useful information. At one time they used to distribute a tape of useful programs that were user-written and supported (perhaps not supported though). Good luck!

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