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How often should you update your data quality strategy?

Learn how often companies should update their data quality strategy. See how changes in data quality problems create new challenges and how revising your data quality strategy can help.

How often do you think companies should update their data quality strategy? Yearly? Every three years? On a case-by-case basis as problems arise? Thanks!

That is a fantastic question, one that I have been discussing with colleagues a lot lately.

One of the main issues we see is that as the data quality improvement activity starts within an organization, more data issues are found and subsequently fixed, which means that the most critical problems often are solved relatively quickly. After that, though, there is a perception of diminishing returns, as the remaining issues may have less business impact yet be thornier to solve. And in fact, the data quality problems that need to be addressed going forward typically are different types of problems, especially as your organization matures from reacting to emerging problems to anticipating known problems to speculating about unknown problems.

That being said, an annual review and realignment of objectives with corresponding presentations and an updated business case for data quality would be reasonable, and I would suggest at least reviewing and revising the overall data quality plan every other year.

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