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Hot DB2 V8 features

What new features in DB2 V8 jump out at you? Data Partioned Secondary Indexes (DPSIs)? New SQL commands? Better use of Unicode?

Of course, there are many great new features of DB2 V8. Here are a few:

  • DPSIs, which can help to relieve the administration problems typically encountered with today's NPIs.
  • Long names, so tables and columns and other objects can have longer, more realistic names so DB2 can better support databases moved from other environments.
  • 2M SQL statements, by changing the size of the largest SQL statement from 32,765 bytes to 2,097,152 bytes, V8 makes it possible to write much more complex -- and therefore much more useful -- DB2 SQL statements.
  • Online schema evolution, so more types of database changes can be made more easily.
  • More robust SQL, recursive SQL, multi-row FETCH and INSERT, dynamic scrollable cursors, etc.
  • These are just the highlights -- there are more advantages.

    About the only drawback is understanding all of the new functionalities and preparing your organization to use it wisely and effectively.

    Of course, risk adverse organizations may also choose to delay implementing new versions of any software to allow others to work the kinks out before them.

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