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Freeing up OBIDs

We're running DB2v6 on z/OS 1.4. We often create and drop a lot of objects so we get SQLCODE -497 saying that limit of 32k OBIDs has been exceeded. It seems that DB2 does not automatically free OBIDs after drop of objects so our DBA has to do REORG and MODIFY to reclaim unused OBIDs.

It's very inconvenient and time-consuming. Is it just the way it works or are we missing something (PTFs)?

Well, actually the OBID is still technically "in use." The MODIFY gets rid of image copy references that apply to the object in question. If an image copy reference remains in the DB2 Catalog, then DB2 considers the OBID still in use. Your DBA is doing things properly to free up OBIDs when you reach the limit.

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