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Expert predictions for business intelligence in 2003

SearchCRM.com asked William McKnight about his predictions for business intelligence in 2003...
The advent of low cost, high performance NT servers (2x2000 Mhz, 2 GB memory, 300 gigabytes mirrored storage for under $5k) will continue to lower the hardware side costs of data warehousing.

Costs will be forced out of sophisticated data mining algorithms, making data mining, as a data access mechanism, a component of a much higher percentage of data warehouse programs and usage.

Portal access replaces desktop OLAP as the primary means of data warehouse access.

Is it back to the future? A forced refocus on economic payback returns many shops to enterprise data warehouse architectures with a high degree of data sharing. Efficiencies are gained from these architected approaches and undisputed sources of corporate cleansed data become more accessible.

The need to load data to the warehouse in real-time is met by operational EAI architectures and the technical capabilities of data warehouse DBMS.

Data warehousing and business intelligence leads IT spending out of the doldrums and, as much as anything receives funding in 2003.

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