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Dropping EUL$ tables

Can you drop EUL$ tables? Also, how do you find out when a table was created?

The dropping of the EUL$ depends on whether or not you are using them. The EUL, or End User Layer, tables are used by Discoverer to hold the definitions that are used in the reporting process that insulate the user from the complexities of the database.

So the simple answer is probably that you should not drop these tables. However, if you are not using Discoverer or OFSA then you may be all right. As always be sure before you do any cutting, also back them up before you drop them...just in case.

As for your second question about the date that a table was created? That's an easy one... use the following query and look at the created column:

 select object_name,created,last_ddl_time from all_objects where object_Type='TABLE'

Hope this all helps.

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