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Do MDM rules come preconfigured in MDM products, or can we add them?

How do MDM rules get embedded? Find out about MDM products that have preconfigured business and data quality rules and how an MDM administrator can add master data rules in this Q/A.

I've heard you talk about embedded rules in master data. How do those rules get embedded? Are they hard-coded by programmers?
We're not in Kansas anymore. This is a serious question from someone who's likely on the cusp of master data management (MDM) delivery. You go, girl! (Or guy.)

It depends on how complex your master data is, and it also depends on the MDM vendor you choose. Some MDM products, especially the purpose-built ones, already come with business rules and data quality rules configured. So, for example, Siperian can correct the zip code of a customer's address. Initiate Systems knows that "Robert" is the first name and "Smith" is the last name and that "Bob" is an acceptable alias. These rules come packaged with the products and don't need to be explicitly coded by a practitioner.

Other rules, however, need to be configured into the hub by your MDM administrator. These are usually based on the specialty of your industry or business need. The good news is that these companies and others are offering data stewardship dashboards and automated workflow tools that make this work a lot easier to do than ever.

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