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Dealing with SQL error codes

SQL -101 (query statement is too long and/or complex). The message states that DB2 cannot process the statement because it exceeds the system limits for length or complexity. Assuming EDM pool and sort space is fine, what other system limits can be adjusted before I break up this query? (DB2 V7.1 OS/390)

With each new version of DB2 comes more options and features for SQL. More tables, more columns, more functions, more, more, more! This makes it more and more difficult for DB2 to scan and parse SQL statements - well, at least large SQL statements. So, you might just have written a SQL statement that is too large and complex for DB2 to process. In that case, you must break it apart.

However, first make sure that you have coded the statement properly. Is the SQL statement terminated (with a ";" unless you have changed the termination character)? Sometimes if you forget this DB2 runs things together and you can get a -101 (or another SQL error code).

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