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Data integration certifications: Finding the value

Learn two instances when data integration certifications are most valuable -- and find out an easy way to increase their equity.

Are data integration certifications worth it? Do employers value certified professionals?
Are you asking me about this because I'm a Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)? If so, thanks for noticing!

I would say it's the same for any type of professional certification: that is, the extent to which you can publicize your new certification is the extent to which it will be valuable to you. In general, the only data integration certifications on our radar right now are those offered by -- surprise! -- data integration vendors. I'd say that these types of certifications are most valuable in two circumstances: 1) You've targeted a new job at a company that's standardized on Informatica, say, and you're an Informatica Certified Developer; or 2) Your company gives employee development credit for these certifications, in which case there is an internal benefit to becoming certified as well as an external benefit.

To that end, Baseline Consulting now has a dozen CBIP-certified consultants, and they each got a hearty pat-on-the-back for being certified. Though some would tell you the envy of their co-workers was reward enough!

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