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Data governance trends for 2011: Scorecards and data governance tools

Learn about emerging data governance trends for 2011, including more use of data governance tools and data quality metrics and scorecards. Find out what’s useful and what’s not.

What are some current data governance trends you’re seeing, and what do you think they mean to companies implementing data governance tools?

One trend I’m seeing a lot of lately is something that we’ve been advocating for the past few years: the use of data quality metrics and scorecards. But there are two aspects to having a scorecard: getting a score, and doing something about it. With our clients, we’ve developed scorecards as an interim mechanism for sharing the data quality baseline state with business users, as a way of triggering remedies to data issues. I’d be interested in hearing more about the approaches being taken to address the situations than about snazzy graphical scorecards. So my suggestion here is to not just find and measure, but find, measure, fix and control.

Another trend is the emergence of tools to support data governance. The risk of this situation is that the existence of tools will drive a growing dependence on IT to take over data governance roles and responsibilities instead of sharing them among the different business units. When considering data governance tools, recognize that they’re designed to automate just one small part of your governance activity. Most of the effort should go into defining data governance policies and processes to support those policies, and then integrating the associated procedures within the organization’s accepted ways of doing things.

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