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DB2 mirroring: Tools and options for 24/7

We are evaluating several options to make our online application (CICS/DB2) 24/7 and co-exist with batch processing. One of the options is to use mirroring concept. Does DB2 have tools for achieving mirroring (i.e. almost real-time between two identical databases) via configuration and setup upfront? Are there any non-IBM tools that can be used for this purpose?

Data mirroring is a good start for moving to a 24/7 environment. For mainframe DB2 there are several options for mirroring. Of course, IBM offers options for mirroring data, but you ask about non-IBM tools. Two software companies that sell mirroring solutions are Mainstar Solutions (www.mainstar.com) and Data Mirror (www.datamirror.com). I have no experience with either nor do I know their specific capabilities. So I suggest that you investigate the solutions they offer.

Another option is to look at disk storage hardware that provides mirroring capabilities. IBM, Hitachi, and others offer hardware mirroring options.

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