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DB2/UDB on Unix/Linux vs. DB2/OS/390

Do you have a reference that describes the difference between DB2/UDB on Unix/Linux (8.1) vs. DB2/0S/390 version 8?
IBM publishes a document called SQL Reference for Cross-Platform Development that is quite useful for this purpose. The book is written to help programmers write applications that are portable (that is, use only SQAL that is common among the DB2 platforms). It will not list out all of the differences between the platforms but it is a helpful manual.

Robert Caterral wrote another useful series of articles that are written to explain DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows to mainframe DB2 DBAs. You can check out Parlez-Vous DB2 for LUW? (Part 1) and Parlez-Vous DB2 for LUW? (Part 2).

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