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Comparing DB2 and Oracle on different platforms for SAP

I am a DB2 DBA, and I would like to ask you the following: One of my customers plans to implement SAP in his organization, and he is considering DB2 on OS/390, as opposed to Oracle on Unix. Most of the benchmarks compare DB2 and Oracle on the same (non MF) platforms. What would be the major points/issues to consider in this case? The database, not the platform is the issue. Is it comparible?

DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS is a viable DBMS/platform for implementing SAP. It should perform quite admirably.

SAP designed their application to work with multiple DBMSs. DB2 will work every bit as well as Oracle. In fact, IBM DB2 is SAP's preferred DBMS platform, so DB2 on OS/390 will work great for you.

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