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Can we launch a data governance project without adopting MDM?

Is it a good idea to launch a data governance project without the help of a master data management (MDM) initiative? See what our MDM expert has to say about that.

I’ve heard you talk about using a master data management (MDM) initiative as the perfect “platform” for launching a data governance project. But I’m not sure I can convince my organization to adopt MDM quite yet. Can data governance be successful without MDM?

I will only support you not doing data governance along with MDM if you promise me you’re solving another set of business problems through your data governance project. I won’t get on my high horse about data governance being an intellectual exercise at companies that don’t have one or more bona fide problems to solve with cross-functional data. And by that I mean: If your company’s operations and business processes need to share common data, that data needs to be governed, managed and provisioned correctly. If your operations are as siloed as your information is and there are no plans to change that, then I say don’t go into the light.

So, did I get a promise? The reason I’m pushing for the promise (and no, you don’t have to prick your finger or anything, but I am mailing you an affidavit as we speak) is that I care about you and I want you to succeed. And it’s really, really hard to get out from under a failed data governance project. I’ve seen the carnage and been asked to clean it up. And it’s not pretty.

Affidavit on its way, OK?

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