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Can we convert an app in TELON/IMS platform to a CICS/DB2 environment?

Is it possible to convert an app in TELON/IMS platform to a CICS/DB2 environment? Learn how in this expert tip.

What are the different options available to Migrate/Convert an application in TELON/IMS platform to a standalone CICS/DB2 environment?

Well, I vaguely remember working with a Telon IMS-DB/DC application about 20 years ago. From what little I recall about Telon I think you might be best-served by getting rid of it. But I think that would require a heckuva lot of work. It would mean redesigning the database from hierarchical to DB2/SQL and recoding the application from ground-zero. And it would mean converting the IMS/TM calls to CICS calls. I know of no quick way of doing this. The hardest task will be re-capturing all of the business logic from the Telon application (because Telon is a code generator). Also, as I recall, you can have the Telon app call code modules that are hand-coded, too. So getting a handle on such a monster will be "fun" (sarcasm intended).

With all of that said, you might be able to reduce the time to convert by keeping Telon around. I checked out the CA web site (Telon is now a Computer Associates product) and there are Telon options for DB2 and CICS. So, if Telon really works as a code generator should you should be able to purchase these add-on options and re-generate the code for DB2/CICS instead of IMS/TM and IMS/DB. But, I doubt it will work that easily. And this does nothing to ensure that you have redesigned the database appropriately from IMS hierarchies to DB2 tables.

Good luck!

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