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Business intelligence and data warehousing team structure

Business intelligence and data warehousing teams are constructed differently, but most are placed within the IT department and include some basic, common roles.

How do most people structure BI/DW teams? Who do we want on the team? What's the typical chain of command? Are they part of the IT department?

Business intelligence/data warehousing teams are constructed quite differently from shop to shop. The most common placement is within IT, although recently I've noticed more in the CFO's area instead.

In business intelligence and data warehousing teams, there is a Director, a Technical Lead (which is somebody that oversees the architecture and can roam into multiple of the other positions), ETL developers (typically mutliple of these) and data access developers. Data modelers may also be a distinct role, or modeling may be done by the Technical Lead. Business analysis is required and may be done by the modeler in small shops. The Physical DBA/System Admininstration needs are generally done by service level agreement (SLA) with those core IT teams -- although in larger shops, a Logical DBA/physical modeler may be needed.

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