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Are there benefits to using both Teradata and a DB2 database?

Many companies use DB2 to run an operational database and use Teradata for analysis. Find out why this is an effective approach and why it makes sense to use both Teradata and DB2 databases in this expert Q/A with Mark Whitehorn.

I'm wondering why companies choose Teradata along with DB2. My company has a mainframe and good database maintenance on DB2, but some of our applications are using the Teradata database. I don't understand why the company is going for Teradata, while we have a very good database like DB2. Any idea why?
DB2 is a fabulous relational database engine that is optimized for transactional processing. So it is a great engine for running your operational databases. Teradata is also a relational database engine, but it is optimized for analytical queries, which is unusual for a relational database engine. So my guess is that your company is using DB2 to run its operational databases and, at regular intervals, is copying the data to the Teradata database for analysis.

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