IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification (Exam 730): Sample test questions

Test your knowledge of DB2 9 with these sample questions from the IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam (Exam 730).

 Do you know IBM DB2 9 well enough to pass the certification exam? Studying real questions from previous certification...

exams is an educational advantage, according to Roger E. Sanders, author of DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide. These sample questions and answers from Sanders's book can help you prepare for the certification exam or simply test your current knowledge of DB2 9 basics. This study guide is updated frequently, so check back often to benefit from new exam questions. Also, listen to a podcast with Sanders, titled "IBM DB2 9: Is certification worth it?"

Author's note:

In my opinion, one of the best ways to prepare for the DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam (Exam 730) is by answering sample questions that are presented in the same format that you will see when you take the certification exam. Not only will seeing the questions help you prepare, but you will benefit from comprehensive answers for every question. It's not enough to know which answer is correct; it's also important to know why the answer is correct and why the other choices are wrong.

All of the questions presented here were developed by analyzing the final set of questions that were chosen for the DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam (Exam 730). (I was a member of the team that developed the DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam so I had access to every question!)

These questions are taken from my book DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide, published by MC Press, and are reprinted here with permission.

I hope you find this material helpful.

Roger E. Sanders

IMB DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam sample questions

This was last published in July 2007

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