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  • Data integration strategy holds together data-driven businesses

    Mountains of data are useless to businesses if there is no good way to view and interact with that data. A strong data integration strategy can help companies harness information coming in from every direction and use it to support business goals.

    In this three-part guide, SearchDataManagement contributors offer advice and examples of what makes a strong data integration strategy. First, analyst Saurabh Jain offers advice for building an agile and flexible data architecture. Next, reporter Jack Vaughan looks at the importance of solid integration and data management capabilities to a healthcare company's efforts to analyze a diverse mix of data. And in a Q&A with SearchDataManagement, consultant Rick Sherman reveals some of his tips for integrating on-premises and cloud systems. Continue Reading

  • How metadata management relates to data governance and MDM

    Why is metadata management important? Because without it, you couldn't have a successful data governance or master data management program, explains governance expert Anne Marie Smith. Continue Reading

  • The evolution of MDM architecture

    Find out how MDM architecture has changed over the years and gain insight on architectural considerations to take into account when planning an MDM program and system. Continue Reading

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