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  • Create an efficient data management process in the enterprise

    Big data can lead to bigger problems, as enterprises struggle to process, store and organize information of varying levels of importance and ownership. Continue Reading

  • How much do you know about Android data security?

    Android is a popular mobile OS among consumers, but its well-known security gaps make many businesses pause. Test your knowledge of Android's data security. Continue Reading

  • Simplify app management and deployment with MAM

    Mobile application management, or MAM, has emerged as the leading technology to deliver and manage enterprise applications on workers' smartphones, tablets and other personal mobile devices. MAM also helps ensure the secure use of enterprise applications, and helps keep corporate data separated from users' personal information.

    This three-part guide explains the birth of mobile application management, and details the various components of many MAM and enterprise mobility management tools. SearchConsumerization contributors also look at the ways MAM can meet the needs of both IT and end users: MAM lets IT administrators control data without locking down users' devices, which is beneficial for both parties.

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  • Five mobile data loss prevention tools IT needs

    Protecting corporate data is a big job, but IT has a wide variety of tools at its disposal when it comes to data loss prevention. Continue Reading

  • Mobile content management software, EFSS protect data in the cloud era

    Thanks to mobile and cloud computing, the number of potential repositories for corporate data have increased exponentially. Traditional file storage systems, content management software and device-centric security measures can only do so much to organize and protect data that's constantly on the go. Cloud storage services, enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) and mobile content management (MCM) represent key alternatives in storing and providing access to corporate data in the new mobile cloud era. When implemented correctly, these technologies can provide secure data access to a mobile, distributed workforce. This guide explains how EFSS and MCM differ from -- and can work with -- traditional network shares to accomplish this goal. Continue Reading

  • Can I configure DB2 replication from the mainframe to AIX?

    I want to replicate DB2 from the mainframe to an AIX box since it's cheaper and the copy can be used for testing. Is this possible? Continue Reading

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