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  • Digital governance and compliance tactics for the regulated business

    Digitization has become a fact life for businesses, but the increased data volumes and associated information security risks puts a strain on digital governance, risk and compliance (GRC) resources. Businesses have struggled as unprecedented data volumes in the digital age have made them particularly enticing -- and vulnerable -- to hackers. The big data explosion has also made it difficult for companies to adapt information governance processes to stay compliant with constantly evolving regulatory mandates. All is not lost, however: Predictive analytics and automation tools are evolving to help with GRC maintenance, while companies are also seeing the benefits of integrating risk management processes across company departments. In this SearchCompliance handbook, get advice on how to adapt your company's GRC budgeting and strategic processes to keep up with the speed of digital business. Continue Reading

  • Enterprise data protection strategy requires evolution

    Your enterprise data protection family tree must incorporate both data availability and data management branches. Continue Reading

  • Enterprise data protection strategy needs archive, backup

    Whether you use disk, tape or cloud in your enterprise data protection, where you send your archives and backups is up to you. Continue Reading

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  • Compromised credentials: What can enterprises do?

    Attackers use compromised credentials to infiltrate enterprises undetected and steal corporate data. Expert Nick Lewis offers the best ways to handle this threat. Continue Reading

  • Can steganography techniques help attackers hide?

    Attackers may be looking to use steganography techniques to hide their malware. Expert Nick Lewis explains how they work and how to spot them. Continue Reading

  • Cybersecurity and privacy compliance: The delicate balance

    As information has transformed into a huge business asset for modern companies, it has come at a price: Data is now a target for hackers seeking sensitive information about enterprises and their customers. This new online data security focus has forced businesses to invest in resources that protect trade secrets and other company information. At the same time, ensuring personal privacy has become a top concern for consumer advocates, and data security initiatives sometimes infringe on personal information protection measures. For companies to be successful in the digital age, GRC resources must walk the fine line between adequate cybersecurity and privacy protection for both employees and customers. In this handbook, learn the latest data governance strategies to help organizations strike this balance necessary to protect both corporate and personal information. Continue Reading

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