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  • Clear thinking, business focus needed on big data software purchases

    Phenix Energy Group is involved in a big undertaking: The Palm Harbor, Fla.-based company is building a network of pipelines, tank farms and deep water ports to transport crude oil products across Central America, from the Atlantic coast to the...

  • Managing Hadoop projects: What you need to know to succeed

    Companies that need to process large and varied data sets frequently look to Apache Hadoop as a potential tool, because it offers the ability to process, store and manage huge amounts of both structured and unstructured data. The open source...

  • Don't get distracted by new database technology

    Today's post-relational databases have sleek designs and promise fast performance -- but if they don't suit your business needs, they're not worth it.

  • NoSQL technologies take on rising tide of big data

    For decades, IT managers, developers and business executives had limited options when shopping for database technologies: Relational databases were universally built on top of the SQL programming language. It was SQL or nothing.


  • Big data careers: Taking the initiative to improve your skill set

    Many companies that are considering implementing Hadoop clusters find there's a lack of professionals with...

  • Supermarket co-op stocks up on big data platform to help spur sales

    Independent supermarkets have come under greater competitive pressure as ultra-large chains and big-box retailers with grocery departments aggressively expand their market reach. Now some independents are fighting back by trying to match -- or...

  • Think Big Analytics' Bodkin: Big data adoption means breaking silos

    Big data adoption presents new challenges to data managers already grappling with multiple data silos. A rash of recent open source Apache Hadoop and NoSQL technology innovations could augur more of the same. Few have a closer view on the...

  • A never-ending story: Improving data quality and integration for BI

    Data quality and integration need continual attention in business intelligence systems. But be sure you can avoid setbacks and keep moving forward.

  • NoSQL database system, no problem?

    One snowy morning recently a group of chief technology officers from the Boston area debated the merits of Platform as a Service over a breakfast of scrambled eggs and waffles.

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  • Data steward role needs some shepherding itself

    Investments in data governance are largely motivated by a desire to improve business operations and performance through better oversight and management of corporate information. But while a data governance program institutes policies and...

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