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  • Market data firm eXelate opts for Aerospike in-memory store

    Much of the recent attention for in-memory database technology has focused on ERP leader SAP's Hana engine -- but there are some interesting in-memory innovations percolating elsewhere too. Among those is software from

  • Strata big data conference sees tools edging toward chasm

    Hadoop, Hive and MapReduce have garnered mountains of publicity of late, but viewers at the recent Strata big data conference were looking to see if there was a breakout killer app in the offing, SearchDataManagement's Jack Vaughan tells...

  • Marketing company applies SQL to MongoDB to uncover social media trends

    Marketing analytics firm SumAll adopted SQL-enabled Data Warehouse as a Service tools to analyze social media data stored in a MongoDB NoSQL database.

  • Integrating big data tools starts with effective project planning

    Experimentation with what can be collectively dubbed as big data tools -- including Hadoop clusters, the MapReduce programming model and NoSQL databases -- has led to some emerging application scenarios and use cases that demonstrate clear...

  • How well do you know data virtualization technology?

    When deciding if data virtualization technologies are right for your company's information management program, it's helpful to explore what other users and analysts are saying about their experiences. Is your...

  • Big data integration requires firm handle on info at hand

    In 1965, Bob Dylan famously sang, "You don't need a weatherman to know which the way wind blows." These days that line can be applied to the data integration process: You need only a passing acquaintance with IT trends to recognize that growing...

  • NewSQL

    NewSQL is a term coined by the analyst firm The 451 Group as shorthand to describe vendors of new, scalable, high performance SQL databases.

  • Slew of disparate NoSQL databases vie to displace RDBMSs, fit by fit

    Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase -- they're just a few of the many NoSQL databases now proliferating. These databases look to solve one problem or another encountered by the steadfast relational database systems (RDBMSs) that have long ruled in the...

  • DeKenipp: Data Management Maturity Model points way to best practices

    When your data management processes aren't up to par, it might be difficult to figure out where the weak points are -- and where to start in order to fix them. But identifying areas of weakness is a must when working to improve...

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant: Operational DBMS 'mega-vendors' prepare for war

    The brand new Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems (DBMS) represents a major change for Gartner, the well-known Stamford, Conn.-based IT analyst firm that issues the report. Vendors listed in the newly released Magic...

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