IBM DB2 management

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  • In-memory databases: The golden ticket to deeper analyses?

    Historically, in-memory databases have been seen as a niche technology. As in-memory processing becomes less expensive and more mainstream, however, potential uses are expanding. And, with the promise of deeper data analysis -- and, better business b... 

  • denormalization

    In a relational database, denormalization is an approach to optimizing performance in which the administrator selectively adds back specific instances of duplicate data after the data structure has been normalized. 

About IBM DB2 management

Organizations using IBM DB2 databases will find a wealth of resources here, including the latest IBM DB2 articles, resources and news. Ask our experts or consult our wide range of resources for IBM DB2 management, help, training and security. Or, learn more about IBM DB2 basics and best practices through case studies. Also, answer real sample test questions from the IBM DB2 9 certification exam.