Enterprise data architecture best practices

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  • In-memory databases: The golden ticket to deeper analyses?

    Historically, in-memory databases have been seen as a niche technology. As in-memory processing becomes less expensive and more mainstream, however, potential uses are expanding. And, with the promise of deeper data analysis -- and, better business b... 

  • Cloud, mobile access hold key to successful ERP systems

    Don't believe the hype: Enterprise resource planning isn't dead. It's come a long way in its 20-plus years -- and today is on the cusp of a new life. ERP applications are running nearly every part of all kinds of businesses, from social media startup... 

  • Today's customer service starts with mobile, social consciousness

    In a world where newfangled devices become mainstream seemingly overnight, companies are finding that legacy applications and a Facebook page no longer cut it. Whether confused by modifying existing mobile apps or curious about the soon-to-be-release... 

  • BI projects play key role in improving business and IT alignment

    In the lead article in this issue of BI Trends + Strategies, consultant and BeyeNETWORK expert Claudia Imhoff offers advice on how to bridge the divide between IT and the business on projects such as business intelligence and data warehousing ... 

  • Apache Hadoop YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator)

    Apache Hadoop YARN (short, in self-deprecating fashion, for Yet Another Resource Negotiator) is a cluster management technology. It is one of the key features in second-generation Hadoop. 

  • Google BigQuery

    Google BigQuery is a cloud-based big data analytics web service for processing very large read-only data sets. BigQuery was designed for analyzing data on the order of billions of rows, using a SQL-like syntax. 

  • NewSQL

    NewSQL is a term coined by the analyst firm The 451 Group as shorthand to describe vendors of new, scalable, high performance SQL databases. 

  • data virtualization software

    Data virtualization software is application programming that facilitates querying data distributed across multiple internal and/or external storage systems. 

About Enterprise data architecture best practices

Data management professionals know the importance of data architecture to enterprise applications and other systems. Find resources here for data architecture management and best practices for data architecture projects, including articles, templates and exclusive expert advice. You'll also learn about related disciplines such as data warehouse design and business intelligence.