Database management systems (DBMS)

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  • In-memory technology gets the relational treatment

    Leading RDBMS makers are bringing in-memory traits to their flagship offerings. Faster analytics and operations are in the offing.

  • Virtual assistant technology: More than just IBM Watson

  • In-memory databases: The golden ticket to deeper analyses?

    Historically, in-memory databases have been seen as a niche technology. As in-memory processing becomes less expensive and more mainstream, however, potential uses are expanding. And, with the promise of deeper data analysis -- and, better business benefits -- IT professionals' ears are pricking up. Still, for many organizations it's going to be a matter of if, and not when, to proceed with implementation.

    To that end, SearchDataManagement editors have compiled a three-part guide to in-memory database trends, serving up expert advice on evaluating, deploying and managing the technology. Readers can expect an in-depth look at whether in-memory appliances such as SAP's HANA and Oracle's Exalytics devices are changing the nature of what in-memory database technology can be used for. Next, News and Site Editor Jack Vaughan offers a rundown of the kinds of applications that are a good fit for in-memory databases, with tips on how to decide if the technology is right for your organization. We close with key insight into the capabilities and potential uses of new in-memory options being released for mainstream relational databases.

  • McKnight: In-memory technology finds lane in database mainstream

    In a Q&A, consultant William McKnight discusses the potential benefits of in-memory processing and its recent inroads with top relational databases.

  • In search of IBM Watson technology: Cognitive computing goes to market

    What happens to IBM's Watson computer after "Jeopardy!"? In this edition of the Talking Data podcast, our reporters consider the brainy matter.

  • For IBM Watson, no easy answers on commercial cognitive computing

    When IBM's Watson analytics system bested 'Jeopardy!' champs in 2011, the world cheered. Now IBM must up its game to make Watson a commercial success.

  • Strata Conference East 2013: Data professionals confront privacy, access issues

    In a podcast, SearchDataManagement's Jack Vaughan reports on data issues as discussed at Strata East 2013 in New York, and IBM IOD 2013 in Las Vegas.

  • IBM big data portfolio adds operational pieces

    While Jeopardy winner Watson gets most of the glory, IBM's less obvious big data portfolio additions carry its big data efforts further into the enterprise.

  • DB2 BLU Acceleration boosts IBM's flagship RDBMS

    Upstart analytic engines are hot. Is IBM's DB2 BLU catching up? One railroad sees speeded queries while tapping tried-and-true programming skills.

  • Open data goes to the city

    Local governments such as the City of Boston are implementing open data platforms, with goals of improving business processes and empowering citizens.