Database management system (DBMS) software and technology

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  • In-memory databases: The golden ticket to deeper analyses?

    Historically, in-memory databases have been seen as a niche technology. As in-memory processing becomes less expensive and more mainstream, however, potential uses are expanding. And, with the promise of deeper data analysis -- and, better business b... 

  • NuoDB

    NuoDB is a SQL-oriented transactional database management system designed for distributed deployment in the cloud. 

  • MongoDB

    MongoDB is an open source database that uses a document-oriented data model. 

  • engine-level encryption

    Engine-level encryption is cryptographic encoding and decoding of data that is executed within a database engine. 

  • MyDiamo

    MyDiamo is database encryption software for MySQL that runs on virtually all platforms that MySQL supports, including Linux, UNIX and Windows.   

  • Amazon Dynamo Database (DDB)

    Amazon Dynamo Database (DDB) is a fully-managed NoSQL database service. Dynamo Database is known for extremely low latencies and scalability. 

  • Apache Hive

    Apache Hive is an open-source data warehouse system for querying and analyzing large datasets stored in Hadoop files. Hadoop is a framework for handling large datasets in a distributed computing environment. 

  • database activity monitoring (DAM)

    Database activity monitoring (DAM) systems monitor and record activity in a database and then generate alerts for anything unusual. 

  • database-agnostic

    Database-agnostic is a term describing the capacity of software to function with any vendor’s database management system (DBMS). In information technology (IT), agnostic refers to the ability of something – such as software or hardware – to work with... 

About Database management system (DBMS) software and technology

Get up to speed here on the latest trends, developments and issues with database management system (DBMS) technology, including relational DBMS software. You’ll find news stories, in-depth feature articles, columns and expert advice on database technology and the database market. Learn about relational database software and emerging database technologies such as open source databases and cloud databases. Educate yourself on the advantages of DBMS technologies as well as potential DBMS disadvantages, and get tips on evaluating database vendors and choosing the right database management systems, RDBMS software and database management tools for your organization.