Data virtualization and data federation

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  • data virtualization

    Data virtualization is an umbrella term used to describe any approach to data management that allows an application to retrieve and manipulate data without needing to know any technical details about the data such as how it is formatted or where it i... 

About Data virtualization and data federation

Start here to learn about and stay up to date on data virtualization, a data integration technology that is also referred to as data federation and enterprise information integration (EII). Organizations can use a data virtualization layer to integrate operational data stored in different systems or as an alternative to building an enterprise data warehouse for business intelligence applications. In this section, you’ll find news stories, case studies and other information resources on data virtualization software and data virtualization vendors. Also, get expert advice on choosing, implementing and using data virtualization tools and managing virtualized data. Read case studies and feature articles on best practices for leveraging data virtualization technology.