Data modeling tools and techniques

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  • dimension

    In data warehousing, a dimension is a collection of reference information about a measurable event (fact). 

  • conformed dimension

    In data warehousing, a conformed dimension is a dimension that has the same meaning to every fact with which it relates. 

  • star schema

    In data warehousing, a star schema is the simplest form of dimensional model, with data organized into facts and dimensions.  

  • snowflaking (snowflake schema)

    In data warehousing, snowflaking is a form of dimensional modeling where dimensions are stored in multiple related dimension tables.  

  • data modeling

    Data modeling is the analysis of data objects that are used in a business or other context and the identification of the relationships among these data objects. Data modeling is a first step in doing object-oriented programming. 

  • predictive modeling

    In customer relationship management (CRM), predictive modeling is used to create a statistical model for future behavior. It's also used in email filtering systems to identify the probability that a given message is spam. 

About Data modeling tools and techniques

Whether formal or informal, data modeling is an essential part of many corporate enterprise application development and data management projects. Browse a collection of data modeling resources to support data modeling tools and techniques and help with data modeling projects. Read including articles to help you evaluate data modeling software tools or get basic definitions and an introduction to the topic through tutorials and podcasts. Or, pose specific questions to data infrastructure modeling and data management experts.