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Business intelligence

This business intelligence (BI) learning guide introduces business leaders to the fundamentals of business intelligence. It includes business intelligence strategic and technical advice from the experts, case studies, news analyses, podcasts, white papers and more.

New in this guide

  • Getting started

    For the newbie, business intelligence (BI) presents a dizzying array of terms and technologies. This section of the BI tutorial provides high-level definitions and overviews of BI, as well as current trends and predictions for the industry.

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  • Building a business intelligence strategy

    Having a comprehensive, clearly written business intelligence strategy is key to a successful business intelligence implementation. In this section of the BI tutorial, we provide expert advice about negotiating with the business side about requirements, project planning, deployment mistakes to avoid, budgeting, ROI and much more.

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  • Business intelligence tools

    The business intelligence tool vendor landscape is continually in flux, with new applications being introduced and vendors merging at breakneck speed. This section of the BI tutorial provides not only up-to-date BI news but also market overviews, product purchasing advice and analysis of emerging trends such as open source BI.

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  • Business intelligence and related technologies

    More and more, business intelligence is at the center of a web of integrated enterprise applications and not an afterthought in a single department. This extensive collection of tips, news analysis and expert advice covers many of the technologies that overlap with business intelligence, such as BPM, CDI, CPM, enterprise search, text mining, CRM, data quality and more.

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  • Business intelligence case studies

    In this exclusive collection of business intelligence implementation case studies, learn from the successes and failures of other enterprises. You'll find it invaluable to read about the variety of problems that business intelligence can solve, as well as how managers selected and implemented specific business intelligence tools.

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