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New talent management software transforming HR

August 2014, Volume 2, Number 4

Issue Highlights

    • Today's talent management modules flaunt latest innovations
    • Talent management systems revolutionizing HR
    • Keep best practices in place for data-intensive cloud apps
    • Dumping the old, companies flock to cloud HR systems
    • A talent management strategy is needed for buying software
    • Six things to do before deploying cloud apps
    • Hadoop data lake floated as primary info repository
    • Cloud vendors dish up vertical applications
    • Gazing into the future of predictive analytics ROI

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    • NoSQL technologies take on rising tide of big data

      April 2014, Volume 2, Number 2 Includes:
      • NewSQL database sends NoSQL technology packing at logistics exchange
      • Don't get distracted by new database technology
      • NoSQL database software enjoys rarefied cloud air
      • Kaiser Permanente VP prescribes bigger role for healthcare data analytics
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    • When, and how, to best make use of data visualization tools

      Special Edition, March 2014 Includes:
      • Eyes open: Don't lose sight of data visualization best practices
      • Data visualization tools help users make sense of messy data
      • BI dashboards need measured approach on data visualizations
      • Health industry tackles problems with help from GIS software
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    • Big data technology: Beyond the trendy tools

      August 2013, Volume 1, Number 4 Includes:
      • Internal big data skills trump outside consulting help
      • Mobile lifecycle management takes charge of BYOA
      • It takes more than technology to achieve big data success
      • Big data systems shine light on neglected 'dark data'
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    • Putting big data technology in its place

      Special Edition, September 2013 Includes:
      • Should in-memory analysis have a seat at your big data table?
      • Handling the hoopla: When to use Hadoop, and when not to
      • Deploying big data software calls for more than idle talk
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    • ERP, business intelligence heads to the cloud

      June 2013, Volume 1, Number 3 Includes:
      • Bright spots amid sparse cloud ERP adoption
      • IT as a Service transforming traditional IT departments
      • Cloud-based analytics still mostly on the horizon
      • The buzz: Are gamification platforms the ticket?
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    • Advanced analytics, in-memory technology push information limits

      April 2013, Volume 1, Number 2 Includes:
      • Small businesses compete in e-commerce with same-day shipping
      • In-memory technology pushes analytics boundaries, boosts BI speeds
      • Mobile technology makes time management challenging
      • Seeking treasure from social media tracking? Follow the customer
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    • Upward mobility? Today mobile business apps only go so far

      February 2013 Includes:
      • Hindsight: The case of the faulty data quality process
      • In an information downpour, data virtualization products bloom
      • Business professionals, this one is for you
      • Mobile business apps for real, but post-PC future likely a mirage
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    • Moving Service: Staying Connected With Mobile Apps

      Special Edition, March 2013 Includes:
      • Mobile customer service holds customer frustration at bay
      • More to mobile application design than meets the eye
      • Mobile engagement at Krispy Kreme: Clever sensors ping doughnut lovers
      • Never stop striving for great mobile apps
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