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Trend watch: Data management and business intelligence technologies

Learn more about developments and key issues in data management, business intelligence and data analytics in this guide featuring analysis and commentary from our editors.

Information management and business intelligence trends continue to emerge and evolve at a rapid pace, as businesses grapple with a tidal wave of data from both internal and external sources -- data that is increasingly fast, voluminous and complex. Our editors regularly talk to IT, BI and analytics managers, business users, industry analysts and technology vendors, covering new developments and key issues with an objective lens. The opinion pieces featured here reflect their perspectives on current trends, offering insight, analysis and commentary on industry news, project management best practices and more.

This guide features a collection of columns from the editors of SearchBusinessAnalytics, SearchDataManagement and SearchOracle. Each article examines a significant issue related to Oracle, data management or business intelligence technologies. Visit this page often to read our editors' most recent contributions to the Intelligence File, Talking Data and Oracle Revelations columns.


1. Business intelligence analysis from editors Craig Stedman and Ed Burns

Read about best practices and new developments concerning business intelligence technologies and advanced analytics software. SearchBusinessAnalytics Executive Editor Craig Stedman and Site Editor Ed Burns discuss BI and analytics topics and offer advice on how to manage successful business intelligence projects.


2. Data management market and trend analysis by editor Jack Vaughan

Find out what's new and noteworthy in data management circles. Jack Vaughan, site and news editor for SearchDataManagement, discusses new technologies and development, implementation and management strategies for Hadoop clusters, relational and NoSQL databases, data warehouses, and other aspects of data management.


3. Oracle product and strategy analysis by editor Mark Fontecchio

In this section, get caught up with developments in Oracle data management and business intelligence technology. Mark Fontecchio, site and news editor for SearchOracle, provides analysis of the latest trends in the Oracle world to help users make more informed decisions about Oracle products and deployments.