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Big data in financial services may call for a CDO

With big data in financial services requiring various skills, a chief data officer may be ready to step up. A Capgemini expert discusses this evolving role.


Exploring the features of Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 for Windows can be used for building, deploying and managing on-premises and cloud applications.


What features does DB2 deliver?

IBM DB2 relational DBMS delivers high availability, strong performance and mission-critical support across multiple platforms.


Vendors look to marshall SQL skills to boost Hadoop use

In many organizations, Hadoop is still pushing to go beyond proof-of-concept projects. Some vendors hope new tools that enable familiar SQL querying will lead it to broader adoption.

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    How well do you know the Spark architecture?

    Apache Spark is an open source processing engine designed for use in big data applications. Take this quiz to see if you're up to speed on Spark's history and features.

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    Planning, skills needed to navigate Hadoop data lakes

    In the business intelligence and analytics world, data lakes are their own region -- one in which today's multifarious forms of information can be stored in their native forms until used -- and cheaply at that. But these vast storage repositories, ...

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    USA Patriot Act

    The USA Patriot Act is a law enacted in 2001, granting controversial new and extended data-collection abilities to the Department of Justice in an effort to combat terrorism after the September 11 attacks.

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