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Managed Kafka in the public cloud this way comes

Kafka is a linchpin in many on-premises data pipelines. Now, Confluent has a Kafka cloud service to ease this distributed system's ascent to cloud nirvana.


IT operations gains from big data analytics

We don't need more databases, we need more meaning, according to OpsDataStore CEO Bernd Harzog, appearing on a podcast covering IT operations analytics trends.


Keep data lakes afloat with careful design, adaptability

Data lakes offer a more expansive alternative to data warehouses for analytics uses. TDWI analyst Philip Russom offers advice on how to get things right in a data lake architecture.


Big data poses weighty challenges for data integration best practices

Big data architectures are complicating the data integration process for more and more IT teams, driving them to hit the gas on efforts to expand their integration capabilities.

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Data Management/Data Warehousing Basics

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    In computing, data is information that has been translated into a form that is efficient for movement or processing.

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    NoSQL (Not Only SQL database)

    NoSQL and Not Only SQL describe an approach to database design that implements a key-value store, document store, column store or graph format for data.

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    Using big data platforms for data management, access and analytics

    Big data architectures typically involve multiple processing platforms. In this essential guide, you'll find information and advice on managing Hadoop, Spark and other big data technologies.

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