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Big data uses must expand to spur interest in data lakes

Hadoop data lakes offer an enticing location for large data sets. But consultant Andy Hayler says more examples of successful big data projects are needed to help boost their adoption.


Machine learning drives self-service data prep software

Machine learning is a hot technology in analytics applications -- and it also underpins new data preparation tools that let business analysts and users integrate data for analysis.


Hadoop vs. data warehouse: Which is right for you?

Consultant David Loshin outlines a process for comparing specific criteria and variables to help guide decisions on deploying Hadoop or using an enterprise data warehouse.


MongoDB podcast looks at enterprise use cases

The Talking Data podcast goes to MongoDB World and sees enterprise uses for the NoSQL database, including a look at what payroll company ADP does with MongoDB.

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    MPP database (massively parallel processing database)

    An MPP database is a database that is optimized to be processed in parallel for many operations to be performed by many processing units at a time.

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    Apache Incubator

    Apache Incubator is the starting point for projects and software seeking to become part of the Apache Software Foundation’s efforts. The ASF is a non-profit organization that oversees the development of Apache software.

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    JDBC driver

    A JDBC driver (Java Database Connectivity driver) is a small piece of software that allows JDBC to connect to different databases. Once loaded, a JDBC driver connects to a database by providing a specifically formatted URL that includes the port ...

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