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NoSQL tutorial: Best uses for different database types

The number of NoSQL database options is vast, and distinct product categories occupy separate niches. That makes it imperative to understand what works best for specific applications when evaluating NoSQL software.


Design patterns discussed at MongoDB World

In this episode of the Talking Data podcast, the editors review happenings at the recent MongoDB World event. Apt use cases for this NoSQL-style database were discussed.


MongoDB's Merriman on dynamic schemas, more

The train to NoSQL rode the rails of agility and scalability, according to Dwight Merriman, MongoDB co-founder.


Determine if NoSQL databases are right for your organization

NoSQL databases offer more flexible alternatives to mainstream relational software, particularly for big data applications. But NoSQL offerings include a diverse set of technologies that can present prospective users with a bewildering array of ...

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    Big data swaying the future of data management jobs

    IT recruitment expert Matt Mueller suggests that data management professionals amp up their big data skills and experience in order to stay competitive in a swiftly changing industry.

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    SQL-on-Hadoop is a class of analytical application tools that combine established SQL-style querying with newer Hadoop data framework elements.

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    Relational database management system guide: RDBMS still on top

    This Essential Guide explores recent developments in relational databases, and their strengths and weaknesses compared with NoSQL technologies.

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  • Data warehouse project management

    Agile BI, data warehousing still gathering steam

    At the TDWI Executive Summit in Boston, users talked about the benefits and challenges of incorporating the Agile methodologies long practiced in development circles into data warehouse and business intelligence projects.

  • Big data management

    MemSQL dashboards target cluster management

    New high-performance data management systems are adding management traits, as a recent MemSQL release attests. Meanwhile, SyncSort shows a way to mainframe data on the cloud.

  • Enterprise data integration (EDI) software

    Faster log data analytics drives Tibco LogLogic update

    Tibco has updated its LogLogic software that's used to manage log data collected from operational applications, integrating the technology with its event processing and Spotfire analytics tools.