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Offering high-performance query and SQL analytics

The Vertica Analytics Platform from Hewlett Packard Enterprise is designed to be used for data warehouses and other complex, query-intensive applications.


HR metrics and analytics bring opportunity, concerns

HR personnel oversee many of the perks that come with a job, such as paychecks and benefits; the elements that most people would rather avoid, such as firings and employee conflicts; and all things in between, such as education and training. Now, ...


SQL on Hadoop expands big data applications

Hadoop has been slowly plodding through the big data jungle, but SQL's integration may put a spring in the elephant's step.


NoSQL, Spark link up for operational analytics push

Attention's been placed on Spark running on Hadoop, but there are Spark connectors for NoSQL that usher in a new class of operational analytics.

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    Hadoop distributions offer buyers economical options

    Running on clusters of commodity servers, Hadoop offers a high-performance, low-cost approach to building a big data management architecture that supports advanced analytics initiatives across several industries. As an open source technology, Hadoop...

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    data warehouse as a service (DWaaS)

    Data warehousing as a service (DWaaS) is an outsourcing model in which a service provider configures and manages the hardware and software resources a data warehouse requires, and the customer provides the data and pays for the managed service.

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    Pros and cons of a big data analytics framework

    In a book excerpt, author Dale Neef outlines and compares different approaches organizations can take when trying to bring a big data system into their IT environments.

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